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How to become a gear tester for outdoor gear

How to Become a Gear Tester for Outdoor Gear

  Each day, hundreds of passionate backpackers and outdoor pursuit lovers scour the Internet for gear that’ll make their endeavors easier. The chances are you’ve stumbled across immaculately written blogs and articles in which people such as yourself write about the gear they’re using. Even to the untrained eye, it’s clear that these people are gear testers. They have the chance to immerse themselves in their hobbies while getting gear for free, and some of them make money from it.

  If the idea of becoming a tester for outdoor gear appeals to you, we have great news: it’s easy to do! But, you do need to put in a little effort before getting there. Here’s our guide to becoming a gear tester.

What is a gear tester?

  In a nutshell, a gear tester is someone who gets outdoor gear for free, and they test it. They then review it and post their reviews to their own blog or a popular website that generates a lot of traffic.

  A typical gear tester is usually someone who already has a strong following online. This often means a blog they use to write about their backpacking and outdoor pursuit adventures. Don’t worry if your outdoor pursuits seem a little niche. Also, don’t worry if you've yet to develop a blog. There’s a spot in the market for just about everyone, but you do need to build your audience first.

Simple steps to becoming a gear tester

  If you’re willing to put in the effort, finding out how to become a gear tester is easy. Try taking the following steps:

If you don’t have one already, start a blog

  Your blog will act as the space where you write and publish gear reviews. You can start one easily using simple platforms such as Wordpress or Wix. If you’re looking for content to fill it with, grab the gear you love the most and start writing about it. An excellent way to fill the gap between reviews is to write about your outdoor pursuits passionately. A good example of one of our favorite blogs are the Momentist from Moment

Promote your blog via social media

  After publishing your blog, you need to find ways to promote it. Start by choosing a social media channel that’s image-rich, such as Instagram. Use it to highlight your outdoor activities and your latest blog posts. Make sure you leave a blog link in your bio.

Make notes as you go along

  In the pursuit of refining your writing skills, make notes while you’re engaging in your usual outdoor activities. Include anything and everything that pops into your head regarding the pros and cons of each item. You never know, it could prove useful!

Read and reshape

  Read the blogs of other gear testers and look at the techniques that make their content interesting. Then, take the notes you have written and use them to create dazzling reviews of your own. Your readers will want a lot of personality, so make sure to let yours shine through.

Take amazing photographs

  As a customer yourself, you’ll already know that people are visual creatures. It’s because of this that being a keen photographer who can snap excellent images is also a huge asset. If you’re a little unsure of your skills, get practicing on the gear you already have.

Is becoming an outdoor gear tester worth it?

Absolutely! Some of the key benefits we’ve observed include:

  • You have an opportunity to explore your hobby even further using high-quality outdoor gear products.
  • You get a chance to grab some outdoor gear for free.
  • You may make excellent connections with other outdoor pursuits enthusiasts, giving you the chance to build a strong network of friends.

And, if you approach the gear testing process right, you could make money.

Ways to make money from gear testing

  Making money from gear testing sounds a little like living the dream, right? How you approach this will vary according to how you’re willing to use your blog. But first, we do need to point out that you must highlight when you’ve received a product from us for free. It helps you stay within advertising regulations.
Like any other blogger, you can monetize your blog with ads, sponsors, and affiliate links. This won’t happen overnight, but you may find that continuous efforts result in an additional income over time.
If you’re interested in becoming an outdoor gear tester, get to work on your blog and get in touch with us! Otherwise, if you already have one, we’d love to hear from you as soon as possible.

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